Departmental Bulletin Paper 波動水槽による水位計測値を用いた水槽内における流れ場の推定解析 : カルマンフィルタ理論を用いた有限要素解析による
Estimation Analysis of Fluid Field in Wave Tank Using Measurement Value of Water Elevation : Introduction of Estimation Algorithm of Flow Field by Finite Element Analysis Using Kalman Filter Theory

倉橋, 貴彦  ,  吉荒, 太一  ,  衛藤, 俊彦  ,  kurahashi, Takahiko  ,  Yoshiara, Taichi  ,  Eto, Toshihiko

(51)  , pp.1 - 9 , 2015-11 , 長岡工業高等専門学校
In this study, we present the flow field estimation analysis using the finite element method based on the Kalman filter theory. The linear shallow water equation is employed as the governing equation. The Galerkin method using the linear triangular element is applied to the discretization in space, and the selective lumping method is employed for the discretization in time. The flow field estimation, i.e., estimation of distribution of the flow velocity and the water elevation, is carried out by the finite element analysis based on the Kalman filter theory. In addition, the practical observed water elevation is employed in the flow field estimation analysis.

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