Departmental Bulletin Paper 3Dプリンタにより作製した人工空洞付き樹脂構造体に対する熱的探傷試験
Thermal Testing for Resin Structure Including Artificial Cavity Made by Three-Dimensional Printer

倉橋, 貴彦  ,  丸岡, 宏太郎  ,  井山, 徹郎  ,  Kurahashi, Takahiko  ,  Maruoka, Kotaro  ,  Iyama, Tetsuro

51pp.11 - 17 , 2015-11 , 長岡工業高等専門学校
In this study, the thermal testing is carried out by using the resin structure with artificial cavity made by three-dimensional printer. There are some non-destructive testing method such as the ultrasonic testing method, the thermal testing method and so on. It is known that the size of defect can be found at the target point by using the ultrasonic testing method. On the other hand, the thermal testing method has a characteristic that the location of the defect, the cavity, the corrosion and so on, can be found on the target surface. However, the shape of defect can’t be correctly found by only using the heat image on target surface. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to construct a system that we can confirm the relationship between size of defect and the observed temperature data, i.e., the heat image and the time history of observed temperature data, by using the resin structure with artificial cavity. The resin structure is made by the three dimensional printer, and there is an advantage that the size and the shape of cavity can be changed freely by using the three dimensional printer.

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