Departmental Bulletin Paper 高専生のリスニングにおける単語認知改善の取り組みと意識調査に関する考察
A Case Study on Improving Word Recognition in Listening for Technical College

米崎, 啓和  ,  Yonezaki, Hirokazu

51pp.19 - 26 , 2015-11 , 長岡工業高等専門学校
The aims of this study are threefold. One is to identify the skills in listening that technical college students assume they lack. Another is to verify whether technical college students can get some hints on improving their listening comprehension after several times of treatments concerning word recognition, which is quite challenging to Japanese EFL leraners, given a huge difference in the phonological system between English and Japanese. The third is to examine whether there is any correlation between their listening comprehension levels and their skills in word recognition. The results showed that the participants think they are lacking in various skills necessary in listening comprehension including vocabulary and syntactic knowledge as well as phoneme identification. Furthermore, about half the participants identified what is challenging to them in listening after the treatments. Finally, a Pearson product-moment coefficient suggested a statistically significant but not very strong relationship between listening comprehension and word recognition, and word recongnition has been found to account for about 35% of overall listening comprehension.

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