Departmental Bulletin Paper 「技術者倫理」におけるコアとは何か
What is Core of “Gijutsusha Rinri” ?

鈴木, 覚  ,  Suzuki, Satoru

51pp.27 - 34 , 2015-11 , 長岡工業高等専門学校
“Model Core Curriculum (draft)” was published in 2012. This paper analyzes the concept of “Gijutsusha Rinri” (engineering ethics), and examines its usage in that draft. “Gijutsusha Rinri” is characterized as a core item, and as a high-order item, given seven low-order items in it. This paper considers that the choice of those items is not correct. “Gijutsusha Rinri” is an unclear concept. The draft chooses them without examining this concept, however. This paper analyzes this concept by using concepts of traditional logic, and proposes an amendment.

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