Departmental Bulletin Paper 小千谷ニ荒神社の紛失算額
The Sangaku Lost from the Nikkō Shrine in Ojiya

涌田, 和芳  ,  外川, 一仁  ,  Wakuta, Kazuyoshi  ,  Togawa, Kazuhito

51pp.35 - 40 , 2015-11 , 長岡工業高等専門学校
A mathematical tablet called sangaku was dedicated to the Ojiya Nikk􀇀 Jinjya􀊊the Shinto shrine in 1833. Although the sangaku was lost, fortunately it was recorded in a book “Sanp􀇀kaish􀇌”. The sangaku is a historical work that shows the wasan􀊊the traditional Japanese mathematics in the Edo period. Then, we try to restore the sangaku through the drawing by computer. Also, we show the solution to the problems described in the sangaku.

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