Departmental Bulletin Paper Alternative Complex Representations in Anisotropic hermoelastic Media and Related Properties

Kondo, Toshimi  ,  Sasaki, Toru  ,  Kurahashi, Takahiko  ,  Kobayashi, Masataka

51pp.41 - 51 , 2015-11 , 長岡工業高等専門学校
In this paper, Green and Zerna’s complex potential approach1), which is the theory of isothermal anisotropic elasticity, is extended to the anisotropic thermoelasticity. First, based on the approach, the stress and the displacement components are expressed by the complex potential functions and the thermal potential function. Special attention is paid to the transformation formulas of the complex potentials and the physical constants attendant on the translation and rotation of the rectangular coordinate systems. These formulas are correspond to the case of Muskhelishvili’s transformation formulas2) for the isotropic, isothermal body. These will be very convenient to construct the three complex potentials in the case of using multiple rectangular coordinates for the various boundary value problems of anisotropic thermoelasticity. Finally, a few fundamental solutions are given by the complex potential representation obtained.

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