Departmental Bulletin Paper 研究ノート 最近の中国の農水産物の生産と消費-中国農業地理研究序説-

松田, 隆典

14 ( 1 )  , pp.65 - 71 , 2017-08-31
This paper aims to clarify the trend of agricultural and fishery products in China based on some recent volumes of the Chinese Statistical Yearbook. The subjects of this paper are rice, wheat and corn as the world's three major grains, tea and cotton as typical industrial crops, and fishery products as well as hogs breed for livestock as a typical Chinese animal meat. As Chinese economy has developed, the supply and demand of agricultural and fishery products has changed.The production of corn has increased. It is not in use as food or feed, but as an industrial grain used in things such as starch materials and ethanol fuels. China must import a lot of corn. While the production of wheat as a typical food in northern China has decreased, wheat as a feed grain has increased greatly. The production of rice has increased, especially because the Japonica rice has increased rapidly in three northeastern provinces.The demand for cotton has increased as Chinese economy has developed, though its production has not increased. The production area has been moved from the North China Plain to the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region in accordance with the Western Development Project. The production of tea as a Chinese traditional commercial crop has increased rapidly. It is said that the consumption of tea symbolizes Chinese citizens growing rich.Pork is the most popular food stuff in China, and hogs are raised in almost all of the humid areas in China, but its production has not increased because economic growth promotes diversification of diet. On the contrary, fishery products have increased rapidly, caused by the farming of freshwater fish in the basins of the Yangtze River and the Huai River, as well as along the sea coast.

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