Departmental Bulletin Paper テキストマイニングによる小学校の海洋教育理解度調査

守田, 弘道  ,  岳野, 公人  ,  湯地, 敏史  ,  髙橋, 洋子

14 ( 1 )  , pp.45 - 50 , 2017-07-14
This article reports the result of the practice of marine education in an elementary school homemaking course. The instructors made a curriculum including the instructive areas of marine education, “knowing the sea,” “saving the sea,” and “using the sea,” and provided lessons to 82 students of an elementary school using educational materials with Japanese black pines from near coasts. Then, a survey about the class with free writing was conducted among the elementary school teachers. It was evaluated via the text mining method. As a result, the elementary school students comprehended the role of Japanese black pines in our lives as trees are planted to protect from shifting sands, wind and waves. The elementary school teachers evaluated the marine education provided at this time as a meaningful opportunity to have students understand about their coast, nature and disaster measures.

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