Departmental Bulletin Paper 都市サステイナビリティのケース教育の効果 : 大垣北高等学校におけるワークショップの事例

森, 宏一郎  ,  長村, 真帆

14 ( 1 )  , pp.23 - 44 , 2017-08-31
The purpose of this paper is to analyse the educational effect of a teaching case for city sustainability, based on the data of a questionnaire survey in a workshop in Ogaki Kita Senior High School. Students are required to carry out some analyses and make a decision on the choice of future scenarios as a protagonist in a story from the teaching case. The results show positive teaching effects with a 1% or 5% statistical significance in terms of the following nine factors: leakage effects of cities, relationships between economic inequity and sustainability, urban sprawl, equity issues between advanced and developing countries, trade-offs between economy and the environment in the short run, the essence of sustainability, global perspectives, the impact of individual acts on local community, and relationships between local and global issues. On the other hand, negative educational effects are observed with a 1% or 5% statistical significance in the following three factors : the impact of cities on the global environment, the essence of urban or city sustainability, and relationships between urban diversity and resilience. We need to revise and improve the contents of the teaching case and the workshop in terms of the complicated issues of city sustainability that are counterintuitive.

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