Departmental Bulletin Paper 徳冨蘆花の小品「雑木林」に登場する樹木について(1)
On the Trees Appearing in the Short Piece “Zouki-bayashi”(Copse) by Tokutomi Roka (1)

金子, 孝吉

(第407号)  , pp.4 - 18 , 2016-03 , 滋賀大学経済学会
Tokutomi Roka’s short piece “Zoukibayashi”(Copse), which is included in his bookShizen to Jinsei (Nature and Men;1900), is regardedas the piece that gives the most accuratedescription of the natural scenery of Musashinoin around the thirtieth year of the Meiji era.The purpose of this study is to interpret theshort piece and to ascertain how Roka evaluatedseveral trees appearing in the “Zoukibayashi”(Copse), in other words, to examine,so to speak, his aesthetics of trees.In Part 1, first, as a preliminary consideration,we define the extent of “the western suburbs ofTokyo” mentioned by Roka in this piece; second,we clarify the state of land use of the hillsand valleys in the Musashino Plateau at thattime. After that, we discuss why Roka referredparticularly to the Japanese oak (quercus serrata),the sawtooth oak (quercus acutissima) andthe alder (alnus japonica) that appear in thecopses on the Musashino Plateau, and how heevaluated these trees.

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