Departmental Bulletin Paper 社員満足と顧客満足を結びつけるマネジメント : 四国管財株式会社の事例研究
シャイン マンゾク ト コキャク マンゾク オ ムスビ ツケル マネジメント シコク カンザイ カブシキガイシャ ノ ジレイ ケンキュウ
Management to Achieve Both Employee and Customer Satisfaction

小野, 善生

(第405号)  , pp.58 - 74 , 2015-09 , 滋賀大学経済学会
The objective of this study is to clarify the management mechanism to achieve both employee and customer satisfaction. To help clarify this research theme, case studies were conducted on companies that have raised their performance, while the present study pursues employee satisfaction. The subject of the case studies was Shikokukanzai Co., Ltd., a company operating in the building maintenance industry. As part of its management philosophy, Shikokukanzai claims to have built a relationship of organizations and individuals to realize the dreams of its employees. Being able to achieve their dreams, company employees are committed to the organization and grateful for the support of their managers. For this relationship to work, however, it has to be a trust relationship between the company and its employees. Specifically, with respect to complaints arising from employee mistakes, the company deals with any such problems without laying blame on its employees. Among other things, Shikokukanzai refers to these complaints as “Lucky Calls,” with each call emphasized as a source of valuable management information. Rather than simply complaints from customers, “Lucky Calls” are becoming effective management information for on-site staff. By these series of management practices, employee satisfaction has risen to a higher level. With improved motivation of satisfied employees, valid field information is generated through “Lucky Calls,” and with a system capable of responding to this information in the field, it becomes possible to meet the needs of customers. These practices are allowing Shikokukanzai Co., Ltd., to achieve both employee and customer satisfaction, which has led to business development.

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