Departmental Bulletin Paper 琵琶湖北湖堆積物における硫黄酸化細菌と硫黄化合物濃度の分布【論文】
Distribution in the Amounts of Sulfur-oxidizing Bacteria and Sulfur Compounds in Sediment of the North Basin in Lake Biwa

三田村, 緒佐武  ,  内田, 伸世  ,  中島, 拓男  ,  赤塚, 徹志  ,  後藤, 直成

(第12巻第1号)  , pp.29 - 36 , 2015-07 , 滋賀大学環境総合研究センター
This study was undertaken to clarify two problems regarding the distribution of sulfur-oxidizing bacteriaThioploca spp. and the chemical parameters affecting their habitat distribution in the bottom sediment in thenorth basin of Lake Biwa. In the waters overlying sediments at stations in deeper areas, an appreciableamount of nitrate was observed. The values in the interstitial waters abruptly decreased with depth. Theconcentrations of acid-volatile sulfides (AVS) increased with depth. The vertical distributions of total sulfurconcentration showed similar patterns to those of AVS. Thioploca was identified at four stations in deeperareas, but not at three stations in shallower areas. The biomass of Thioploca was high in surface layers andabruptly decreased with depth. The present study indicates that numerous environmental parameters areintimately associated with the habitat distribution of Thioploca in Lake Biwa. To preserve a healthy andbalanced lake environment, much further investigation of Thioploca metabolism is required.

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