Departmental Bulletin Paper 滋賀におけるものづくりの伝統と変化【特集論文 : ハートウエアの展開可能性】
Tradition and Change in the Handicraft Manufacturing of Shiga

隼瀬, 大輔

(第12巻第1号)  , pp.19 - 26 , 2015-07 , 滋賀大学環境総合研究センター
There are a lot of traditional crafts in Shiga Prefecture. They are a result of their environment, bothnatural and cultural. We can discover their local educational significance by investigating the area of crafts. Ithink it is important to make video recordings of the crafts that remain in the area, because the crafts of theregion include information that cannot be visualized, such as uniqueness and regional characteristics. We cantell a lot of information about these crafts through video. By sharing the recorded video, we can takeadvantage of it for community education, for new product development, and for succession planning.In this paper, we visited craft-producing areas that remain in the prefecture. In addition, we interviewedthe people who produce the crafts of each region. We considered the current situation, traditions ofinheritance, and regional characteristics. This year, we investigated Hikone altars and Kutsuki Bon. Ourfindings showed that these crafts were changing with the times. This is one way that traditions are inherited.

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