Departmental Bulletin Paper 都市における環境再生とその担い手像 : 守山市の守山ほたるパーク&ウォークの調査から【特集論文 : ハートウエアの展開可能性】
トシ ニ オケル カンキョウ サイセイ ト ソノ ニナイテ ゾウ モリヤマシ ノ モリヤマ ホタル パーク & ウォーク ノ チョウサ カラ トクシュウ ロンブン ハート ウエア ノ テンカイ カノウセイ
Environmental conser vation supported by farmers and city residents in semi-urban area : A case involving a Moriyama firefly festival in Moriyama city, Shiga prefecture

柏尾, 珠紀

(第12巻第1号)  , pp.9 - 18 , 2015-07 , 滋賀大学環境総合研究センター
Moriyama city in Shiga prefecture succeeded in restoring a waterfront environment for fireflies to flit aboutas they did decades ago. The city office enacted the regulations to protect fireflies and to keep canals andstreams well-groomed. The city has been hosting a firefly festival since 2004 in which the people can strollaround the city to see the bugs fly. This study investigates who maintains and preserves the canals in thecity and how the activities of various actors, including farmers and volunteers, are coordinated based oninterviews with leaders of local organizations, farmers, residents, and related NPO members. The results ofthe study reveal, first of all, that daily maintenance of the canals was carried out by the farmers who usedthe canal water to irrigate their paddy fields before they began to use water provided from a newlyconstructed dam. Now, they feel it is difficult to maintain the canals, because they do not get active supportfrom other residents in the area. Secondly, however, there is an NPO that helps the farmers to some extentby conducting water quality checks, releases snails into the rivers and canals as feed for fireflies, and providesvarious supportive services. This NPO also plays as important role in forming a network of related actorsthat include farmers, volunteers, and local government. This study suggests that the conservation of naturalassets requires not only various actors but also a coordinator to connect them.

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