Departmental Bulletin Paper 水循環基本法の成立と課題 : 転換期にある水法と水行政の行方【論文】
ミズ ジュンカン キホン ホウ ノ セイリツ ト カダイ テンカンキ ニ アル スイホウ ト ミズ ギョウセイ ノ ユクエ ロンブン
A Turning Point in the Policy of Water Cycle : Under the Enactment of Basic Act on the Water Cycle

渡辺, 暁彦

(第12巻第1号)  , pp.37 - 54 , 2015-07 , 滋賀大学環境総合研究センター
On April 2014, the Diet enacted the Basic Act on the Water Cycle. Water is the source of life as describedin the Preamble of this law. We cannot live without water. In that sense, it is important for our fundamentalrights to maintain the soundness of the water cycle.This paper concerns the following two items related to the enactment of the Basic Act on the Water Cycle;1) to identify the current situation and systemic issues on the law in relation to the water of our country, and2) to consider future possibilities for the water cycle policy. Recently, it is commendable that House memberstook legislative action for positive policy promotion. However, the natural outcome of administrative reformsregarding water might depend on the operation of individual laws in the future. This paper examined theoperation of individual laws by focusing on the problem of groundwater protection.

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