Departmental Bulletin Paper Exploring the Clause Utilizing Halliday's Transivity System: A Brief Introduction

McInulty, Andrew

(64)  , pp.21 - 27 , 2015-03-31 , 滋賀大学教育学部
This article considers the principle of Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG), first developed by Michael Halliday, (seminal paper, 1961), and demonstrates how the clause is the representation of the experiential function of language. In every clause, there is a process, expressed by the verb group, on which the message or experience of the clause hinges. This grammatical relationship is known as the transitivity of the clause. This article examines and applies the concept of transitivity as elucidated by a systemic functional grammar approach. It analyzes two text types utilizing SFG and demonstrates how transitivity, the system or resource for constructing meaning, ultimately enables us to sense the meaning that the language is making.

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