Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会的差別概念に関する調査研究(2) -黒人差別を理解させるための教示文の効果-

研, 攻一

   The purpose of this study is to examine which teaching sentence of two teaching sentences is effective. The A teaching sentence is focused on “caught black people” “human rights movement of black people” ,the B teaching sentence is focused on “history of sugar” “the technic of taking out sugar” ”the condition of cultivating sugar cane”   The following results were acquired.(1) The A teaching sentence group is more effective compared with B group in all score of corresponded tasks.(2) In the 3 subordinated fields, the A teaching sentence group is more effective to corresponded tasks to the A teaching sentence, and indicated the almost equal results compared with B group to corresponded tasks to the B teaching sentence.(3) In the transfer task1 and2, both groups are not effective, In the transfer task3, A teaching sentence group increased correct response tendency within the same item, but could not change the order of item.

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