Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育士養成校における「障害児保育」学習者の事前認識に関する一考察

鏡, 昭子  ,  大関, 嘉成

   The aim of this study was to investigate the pre-recognition of the student who learns a subject of child care for handicapped children in nursery teacher’s college, and to consider a teaching method of the subject. The following was confirmed as a result.①Students are worried about communication with a handicapped child.②Students think handicapped children’s independence is difficult.③Students recognize “Human- Skill” is more important element among specialties of child care for handicapped children.④Students prioritize “Technical-Skill” acquisition despite aiming to acquire “Human- Skill.”   Accordingly, it is required that students gain knowledge of handicapped children through active learning, and that they become conscious their internal thinking style.

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