Departmental Bulletin Paper 領域「人間関係」に関する保育内容についての意識調査 -保育者養成課程の短大生と保育者を対象として-

太田, 裕子

   The purpose of this study was to examine the consciousness about contents for childcare concerned with the category “Human Relations”. The subjects of questionnaire were 102 junior college seniors majoring in childcare and 45 child-caretakers.   The main results were as follows:(1) It was thought that the students’ getting the knowledge made the tendency to regard the contents concerned with it as those easy to work on. The importance was recognized to make the students get the knowledge concerned with the contents for childcare in the training course of child-caretakers.(3) The contents “The familiarity with the old people and neighbors”, “The conveyance of feeling and the awareness”, “The devise and cooperation under the common aim”, and “The thinking and action by oneself ” needed to be mainly taught at college classes.(3) It was needed to structure the classes considering to make students have multiple viewpoints toward the problems concerned with the category “Human Relation”. And it was also needed to recommend students to know the social situation actively by various ways such as watching news and reading books.

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