Departmental Bulletin Paper 地元の資源を授業にどう取り上げるか : 日本一の湖山池と社会科学習

村山, 明生

49pp.33 - 39 , 2018-03-01 , 鳥取大学附属中学校
歴史学習の導入期において,歴史のとらえ方に関する学習をすることは必須である。身近な湖山池の形成やその時期について,湖山長者の民話や天神山城がつくられた背景と関連させて探究していく活動を通して,歴史を学ぶ楽しさや現在とのつながりを意識させ,歴史を学習する意義である過去と現在の時空を越えたつながりを感じさせたい。 It is fundamental to learn various ways of apprehension of history in the introductory stage of history learning. I tried to introduce history of Lake Koyama( Tottori City) which has origin as a lagoon probably formed in late 16th century by the growth of sand spit and sand dunes at the northern side of the lake, as materials for such activities in the classes for the 1st grade students in our junior high school. To make classes more attractive and enjoyable for most of the students, I also employed a folk tale called “Koyama-choja”(= Koyama millionaire) and the Ruins of Tenjin-yama Castle whose rise and fall are inseparable from the history of Lake Koyama. Goals of the classes were to raise students’ interest in local history and to get inspiration and understanding for the fact that human lives in the past and in the present are intimately connected one another across space and time through activities in those classes. In this report, I will describe process of the classes and results obtained from the activities.

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