Journal Article Analysis of Acute Transfusion Reactions and Their Occurrence Times

Hatayama, Yuki  ,  Matsumoto, Satoko  ,  Hamada, Eiko  ,  Kojima, Nao  ,  Hara, Ayako  ,  Hino, Norihiko  ,  Motokura, Toru

61 ( 1 )  , pp.87 - 90 , 2018-03-28 , Tottori University Faculty of Medicine
Acute transfusion reactions (ATRs) are significantly relevant to the morbidity and mortality of patients. ATRs are mostly not severe and rarely cause severe conditions, including anaphylactic shock. The aim of this study was to clarify the frequency of ATRs and the time of event occurrence. A total of 18,745 transfusions were administered to 11,718 patients during a 3-year period. Adverse reactions including at least one sign or symptom were collected through a report system in 143 of 2,478 (5.7%) platelet concentrate transfusions, 105 of 6,629 (1.6%) red blood cell component transfusions and 51 of 2,307 (2.2%) fresh frozen plasma transfusions. Allergic signs and symptoms accounted for 70% of all adverse events. Severe signs and symptoms were observed in 7.1% of patients. These events appeared significantly earlier than those of non-severe signs and symptoms (median time 20 min vs 100 min, P < 0.05). For patients who have had repetitive transfusion-associated adverse events, preventive treatments for adverse events should be proactively promoted.

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