Journal Article Examination of Selective Low-pressure Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Under Ultrasound Guidance

Shimode, Yuzo  ,  Tsuji, Hiroyuki  ,  Fukuhara, Takahiro  ,  Kawakami, Osamu  ,  Tsutsumiuchi, Toshiki  ,  Noda, Takuya  ,  Yamada, Kentaro  ,  Kishimoto, Kazuhiro  ,  Nakata, Satoko  ,  Terauchi, Rie  ,  Nakano, Mariko  ,  Nojima, Takayuki  ,  Takeuchi, Hiromi

60 ( 3 )  , pp.209 - 212 , 2017-09-15 , Tottori University Faculty of Medicine
Cytology by fine-needle cytology is indispensable for diagnosing head and neck tumor, especially for thyroid nodule. There are two methods of fine needle cytology; one of fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC and another of fine-needle non-aspiration cytology (FNNAC). These previous procedures has each disadvantage such as the mixing of blood or low yield of cells. We proposed a new technique: selective low-pressure fine needle aspiration cytology (SLOP-FNAC) to overcome the backwards of previous procedures. We used the scoring system by Mair et al. to evaluate smear quality of specimens obtained with FNNAC and SLOP-FNAC. SLOP-FNAC smears exhibited higher scores in amount of cellular material, degree of cellular degeneration and cell yield, and retention of appropriate architecture compared to FNNAC smears. The SLOP-FNAC smears scored significantly higher for amount of cellular material and retention of appropriate architecture evaluated (P = 0.0261 and P = 0.0024, Student’s t-test). SLOP-FNAC may be a useful cell sampling technique that reduces blood contamination while securing a high cell yield with maintaining tissue structure.

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