Journal Article エアロゾルプロセスによる次世代蓄電池負極の作製と評価
エアロゾル プロセス ニ ヨル ジ セダイ チク デンチ フ キョク ノ サクセイ ト ヒョウカ
Preparation of Next-Generation Rechargeable Battery Anodes Using Aerosol Process and Evaluation of Their Charge-Discharge Performances

Usui, Hiroyuki  ,  Sakaguchi, Hiroki

31 ( 4 )  , pp.247 - 253 , 2017-01-06 , 日本エアロゾル学会
By spraying a high-speed aerosol comprised of a carrier gas and powder particles of metal, alloy, or oxide onto a substrate, a compacted powder is deposited to form a thick film on the substrate. The authors have applied for the first time this aerosol process to the preparation of rechargeable battery electrodes, and have revealed that the process has unique advantages to evaluate anode materials with high capacities. In this review, we introduce highlights of our successful results obtained by the material development of Li-ion battery anodes, and mention a future outlook for the development of the next-generation battery from the viewpoint of the potential of the aerosol process.

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