Departmental Bulletin Paper 複雑系科学と人工知能:理論物理学から情報工学へ生々流転の軌跡

田中, 美栄子

46pp.10 - 25 , 2015-12-25 , 鳥取大学大学院工学研究科
The author's life of transmigration from the theoretical physics to the information science is illustrated. It was also a transmigration from Japan to the USA, then back to Japan, and in Japan from Nagoya to Miyazaki, then to Tottori. It was partly a result of greedy desire to learn everything in the world, and partly a result of strong influence by many people whom the author met in the course of her long journey, in particular her classmates, friends, and teachers, including Montroll, Newell, Weisskopf, Tisinger, Yanagishima, Muta, Iizuka.

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