Departmental Bulletin Paper 子どものためのストレス反応尺度の作成
コドモ ノ タメ ノ ストレス ハンノウ シャクド ノ サクセイ
Development of the Children's Response Test for assessment and effect measurement

松尾, 理沙  ,  太田, 真貴  ,  井田, 美沙子  ,  竹田, 伸也

66 ( 4-5 )  , pp.75 - 80 , 2015-09-30 , 米子医学会
This study examined the reliability and validity of the CSR test. The study was composed of 905 children. Children's ages ranged 9 to 18. In the study, the authors examined the reliability of the correlations within the CSR by using Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The authors also looked at the validity of the CSR by studying the correlations between the CSR and PSI. In doing so, the found three factors. The Cronbach's alpha for the first factor was 0.87, the second factor was 0.82, and the third factor was 0.73. When the domains were compared with established outcome measures, the correlations were extremely to strong (r=0.39?0.86). In addition, the participation domain was most strongly associated with PSI. There is therefore a high degree of reliability and validity for the PSI, which means that the CSR has a high degree of clinical usability.

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