Departmental Bulletin Paper マティアス・ペルトの日記に見られる1814年~1815年のウィーン会議と音楽 : 会議の開始まで
The Congress of Vienna and Music as Revealed in the Diaries of Matthias Perth (1814-1815)

グローマー, ジェラルド

17pp.253 - 266 , 2016-03-04 , 山梨大学教育人間科学部
In 1914-1815, after a quarter century if war, the "Congress of Vienna" set out to determine the new political order of Europe. Before and during the "Congress" a large number of events, large and small, were staged. These included military parades, religious ceremonies, concerts of music, theater performances, balls, "folk festivals" and the like. Through such events various social classes, strata, and groups demonstrated their own cultural superiority to themselves and to others and suggested that they were the proper representatives of society in general. For this reason the "Congress of Vienna" was not simply a time in which a new political order was set in place, but also one in which the corresponding cultural order was suggested. This study analyzes such social meanings of performances on the basis of the diaries of Matthias Franz Perth (1788-1856).

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