Journal Article 地域医療制度と幸福度指標 : 北陸からの哲学的考察【依頼論文】

宮島, 光志

5pp.1 - 10 , 2017-03-31 , 北海道生命倫理研究会
The interest in the "happiness index" of the local community is rising in these about 5 years, in Japan. Research technique about it, too, was gradually polished. According to the nationwide ranking, the three prefectures of Hokuriku are always ranked high, and on the other hand Hokkaido is ranked quite lower. However, it is important to critically examine and review the results rather than to have joy and sorrow in quick alternation on such survey results themselves. The ranking should be respected as far as it is based on "evidence" of reliable statistical data. However, in each local community, there are health care professionals aiming to reform existing health care system by growing root there. Listening to their "narratives", too, is important. In this paper, consideration will be made from these two directions. And the conclusion led from that is that health care system, health and welfare, quality of life, happiness (index) are all to be examined and realized according to "climate characteristics of each local community".

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