Technical Report 保健医療福祉専門職のコミュニティ・カフェ活動の展開と課題(研究報告)

山本, 武志

4pp.28 - 32 , 2016-03-31 , 北海道生命倫理研究会
Community cafes run by healthcare professionals have been increasing, and they serve three primary functions. First, they provide complimentary care and counseling. Second, they educate and create awareness among the general public. Those willing to learn can pursue a dialogue with healthcare professionals at cafes. Third, such cafes contribute to community building and networking among local residents. However, the sustainable development of community cafes run by healthcare professionals is faced with three problems. First, such cafes are generally deemed unprofitable. Second, because of information asymmetry between healthcare professionals and the general public, open interactions between them might be impeded. Finally, community building based on health, disease prevention, and healthcare may lead to the exclusion of people uninterested in such issues.

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