Departmental Bulletin Paper 上海の都市形成期における言語景観 -歴史社会言語学の事例研究-
Linguistic Landscape in the Formative Period of Shanghai : A Case Study of Historical Sociolinguistics

彭, 国躍  ,  Peng, Guoyue

40pp.23 - 57 , 2018-03-10 , 神奈川大学言語研究センター
Linguistic landscape (LL) is one of the most exciting, attractive growing branches in the realm of sociolinguistics. Since the end of the last century, many cases of LL have been reported from all over the world. In order to deepen the theoretical exploration and support the historical study on this field, we need more cases describing LL in various areas and periods from different perspectives. In this paper, we investigate the actual situation of the LL in early modern Shanghai through the analysis of the old photographs of Shanghai shopping districts taken during the 40 years from 1890 to 1929. First of all, we classify the shop signs into two basic types according to the kind of language, the design of the sign board, and the meaning of the words used in the LL. The one type is the Chinese traditional style which also had been used in many cities before the 19th century in China. The other is the modernized style influenced by western culture. After describing the contents of each case of the LL, we explain the characteristics of the LL from historical sociolinguistic perspectives as follows: (1) multilingual society, (2) language prestige and norm, (3) language change, (4) form of industry, (5) style of architecture, and (6) market economy.

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