Departmental Bulletin Paper 汉语副词研究平议
Views on the Adverb as a Part of Speech

张, 旭  ,  Zhang, Xu  ,  季, 薇  ,  Ji, Wei

40pp.13 - 22 , 2018-03-10 , 神奈川大学言語研究センター
This paper focuses on the subordinating feature of adverb to verb or adjective in grammar.According to the formal definition of adverb and in view of the fact of Modern Chinese, it would be explained that non-adverb enters into the syntactic position and that adverb leaves its own position by both intersection theory and transition theory of the word class.副词相对于动词、形容词具有语法和语义上的从属性。按照副词的形式定义并结合现代汉语的实际情况看,语用中副词以外其他词类成员进入副词位置和某些副词单位离开副词位置前移的现象,分别可以通过词类交叉理论和词类过渡理论获得解释。

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