Departmental Bulletin Paper 疑問詞連鎖構文の意味と論理-その(二)
Semantics of the sentences including repeated interrogative indefinites in Mandarin Chinese:part2

青木, 萌  ,  Aoki, Moe

38pp.61 - 80 , 2016-03-10 , 神奈川大学言語研究センター
This study explores sentences including repeated interrogative indefinites. Based on an analysis of Matsumura Fumiyoshi (2014),this paper uses propositional-logic, predicate-logic and quantifier to analyze the meanings of sentences including repeated interrogative indefinites.(such as, zenmezhe(怎么着), zenmeyang(怎么样), jidian(几点), jiben(几本), najian(哪件), nabian(哪边), ma(吗), duoyuan(多远), duoda(多大), duoshao(多少), duogao(多高), and duojiu(多久)) For example, (a)Ni qu nar wo ye qu nar. You go wherever I go wherever― ‘I will go wherever you go’ This sentence can analyze as, (b)∃x[Nar’(x)& Qu’(ni,x)]→∃y[∀x[Nar’(x)⇔ x=y]&Qu’(wo,y)] This formula in(b) would read as follows. ‘There is at least one x such that x is Nar and ni is Qu of x then there is at least one y such that it holds for every x that is Nar if and only if x equal y and wo is Qu of y.’

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