Departmental Bulletin Paper ベトナム人日本語学習者のシャドーイング音声の変化 -アクセント・イントネーションの分析から-
Changes in the “Shadowing Voice” of Vietnamese Learners of Japanese: Through an analysis of accent and intonation

奥村, 匡子  ,  Okumura, Kyoko

38pp.23 - 41 , 2016-03-10 , 神奈川大学言語研究センター
It has previously been indicated that shadowing has a beneficial effect on pronunciation in terms of prosody. This study analyzed the speech of Vietnamese learners in terms of changes in their accentand intonation, over a period of four months of shadowing practice. The results demonstrated that: 1) word accents increased in accuracy; 2) the intonation of the ka at the end of interrogative sentencesbegan to be inflected upwards; and 3) the intonation of the yo at theend of sentences expressing transmission of information continuedto be expressed as a rising tone, though it is supposed to be a fallingtone. It was the shift in focus towards phonetics that assisted Vietnamese learners in achieving overall improvement in their fourmonth period of pronunciation study.

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