Departmental Bulletin Paper FIB-SEM を用いたシロイヌナズナの雄性配偶体の形成過程の解析
Analysis of Developmental Process of Arabidopsis Male Gametophyte Using FIB-SEM

安積, 良隆  ,  Azumi, Yoshitaka  ,  松島, 英輝  ,  Matsushima, Hideki

26pp.79 - 84 , 2015-06-30 , 神奈川大学総合理学研究所
In contrast to animal lifecycles, those of plants show the alternation of two generations, that is, a diploid sporophyte generation and haploid gametophyte generation. Male and female gametophytes, which respectively produce male and female gametes, are essential for plant sexual reproduction. The male gametophyte pollen develops in anthers interacting with surrounding tapetum cells, which have been considered to provide materials and energy to developing pollen grains for their growth. We analyzed Arabidopsis pollen developmental processes using the recently exploited focused ion beam-scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM). Our research is still detemining appropriate conditions for fixation and staining methods, but we have obtained several series of anther sections, which revealed intracellular structures of and intercellular associations between pollen and tapetum cells.
原著2014 年度神奈川大学総合理学研究所共同研究助成論文

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