Departmental Bulletin Paper 断片化した珪藻類全ゲノムDNAからの高品質DNAの精製
Purification of High Quality DNA from the Fragmented Total Genome of a Diatom Species

鈴木, 祥弘  ,  Suzuki, Yoshihiro  ,  金沢, 謙一  ,  Kanazawa, Ken’ichi  ,  森本, 貴之  ,  Morimoto, Takayuki  ,  米澤, 直樹  ,  Yonezawa, Naoki  ,  中山, 堯  ,  Nakayama, Takashi

26pp.71 - 74 , 2015-06-30 , 神奈川大学総合理学研究所
The Preparation of total genome DNA is essential for genomic analysis withnext- generation DNA sequencers (NGS). However the DNA of a psychrophilic diatom species, Thallasiosilla nordansioeldii, was difficult to fragmented during purifications. The fragmentation occurred during purification with some different protocols, such as the phenol-chioroform, affinity column, and benzyl chloride methods. These results suggest that the fragmentation of diatom DNA could not be avoided. Therfore longer DNA was collected from the fragmented DNA for NGS.
原著2014 年度神奈川大学総合理学研究所共同研究助成論文

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