Departmental Bulletin Paper 計算物理学と関数型プログラミング -Java 8 新仕様の物理学への応用と並行計算の可能性-
Computational Physics and Functional Programming -Applicability of a New Specification of Java 8 to Physics and Its Potential for Concurrent Calculation-

川東, 健  ,  Kawahigashi, Ken

26pp.13 - 16 , 2015-06-30 , 神奈川大学総合理学研究所
We report the applicability of new Java 8, with its new functional programming and lambda expression, to computational physics. Functional programming is an important issue of Java 8 with its newly added specification, and it makes it easy to write concurrent programs by all non-professional programmers, like physicists. We show the typical codes using functional programming and outline the differences from previous imperative programming. We also compare the execution time for parallel and non-parallel stream programs.

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