Departmental Bulletin Paper Emotion, Uncertainty, and Moral Imagination : A Framing of Biosocial Inseparability

Fairchild, E. Theron

50pp.79 - 87 , 2015-11-30 , 神奈川大学経営学部
Emotion, problem solving, and moral development are typically treated as threedistinct areas of psychology and social science. However, there is clear overlap, ifnot inseparability, in their manifestation in real life. Humans do not form morals ina vacuum any more than they emote or solve problems in one. Likewise, they donot form morals separately from their emotional states or how they solve problems.The current paper reviews work from various fields, to draw attention to howcomplexity and uncertainty, imagination and problem solving, and emotion andmorality, comprise an integral framework for how people form thought, behavior, and ethical practice. The formation process is not fixed, but ongoing and affected by both neurophysiology and culture.

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