Departmental Bulletin Paper 国境なき時代に求められる経営主体の要諦 -相反する“思行/考動”の定常化-
The Cardinal Points of Management Substance in Borderless Ages : Normalizing for Contradictory Elements “thinking or/and doing”

海老澤, 栄一  ,  Ebizawa, Eiichi

50pp.1 - 31 , 2015-11-30 , 神奈川大学経営学部
Management substances, connoting business corporations, non-profit organizations, informal groups, teams, and individual person, as well as consumers, end-users, and every livings, are responsible not only for micro world, but also for macro onelike earth or universe. Easy-way of living is selfish, visible oriented, and chasing maximum profits ignoring outside world. How can we keep such collectingintelligent systems as resilient power for collaborating, resonating, and keeping joint thinking or/and doing? Rather complicated, complex, and complemented management is recommended for sustaining long-life systems. Vivid, viable, and energetic management substances are guaranteed by keeping complex, wide, open, and heterogeneous activities subsuming intrinsic simple, narrow, closed, and homogeneous ones. A contradictory continuum of chance-inevitability, disorder-order, and innovation-conservatives is the must relatives for normalizing management practices.

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