Departmental Bulletin Paper 照明の光色が視力と集中力におよぼす効果

三星, 宗雄  ,  Mitsuboshi, muneo  ,  野口, 由梨亜  ,  Noguchi, Yuria

9pp.5 - 16 , 2015-07-15 , 神奈川大学人間科学部
Much attention has recently been paid to blue light illumination particularly in relation with criminal prevention and suicide prevention. There seems to be, however, some contradictions among studies rerported. In the present study, visual acuity was measured under blue light illumination and white light illumination of several color temperatures (Experiment 1) and also concentration was measured using some kind of intelligence test under blue light and white light illuminations (Experiment 2). There has been no statistically significant difference in visual acuity under blue light and white light illuminations. But there is a tendency in which the higher the color temperature of illumination, the lower is visual acuity reaching minimum at blue light illumination. No significant difference has been found among seven sub-tests in the intelligence test under blue light and white light illuminations, indicating no effect of light color of illumination on concentration.

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