Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学教養体育の分野別FDとしてのeラーニング教材の開発と評価(研究論文)

小林、勝法  ,  木内, 敦詞

26 ( 2 )  , pp.57 - 66 , 2016-1 , 文教大学
Faculty Development for specialized fields is need in addition to general FD. Three e-learning materials were made and provided on internet for Faculty Development on Physical Education in Higher Education. These materials are as follows; FDⅠ:An Idea and Problems of College Physical Education FDⅡ:Structural Course Design for College Physical Education FDⅢ:Strategical Management of College Physical Education   The number of the total times of seeing and hearing these materials was not large as follows; FDⅠ:172 (9.1 per month), FDⅡ:64 (5.3 per month), FDⅢ:62 (3.9 per month) These numbers and cost-performance of the e-learning materials suggested that the way of FD with e-learning was not effective. These materials can be effectively utilized at FD workshops and seminars. The number of people who answered the questionnaires after seeing and hearing these materials were FDⅠ:8, FDⅡ:10, FDⅢ:9. These answers indicated high evaluation like “Contents were easy to understand”, “These materials were good lessons”, “Other teachers should also learn with these”, “FD programs are necessarily for college physical education”.  Physical education teachers in higher education were gathered from the whole country in order to evaluate these materials. They were the directors or the branch managers of Japanese Association of University Physical Education and Sport. This organization has been planning and holding FD seminars. They evaluated that these 3 materials were good in the area of validity and the practicability of contents and that there is a possibility to use them at FD seminars.

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