Departmental Bulletin Paper 北インドにおけるイスラーム諸王朝とその建築物: デリー・スルターン朝末期とムガル帝国初期を中心に

宮原, 辰夫

26 ( 1 )  , pp.85 - 117 , 2015-7 , 文教大学
This paper will examine the narrativeness of Islamic dynasties (Saiyid,Lōdī,Mughal and Sūr) in North India and its architecture using various books, such as“Histry of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in India” by Ferishta (Persian chronicler,1560-1620),“Bābur-nāma”of Babur. In other words, it will examine the power and culture of Islamic dynasties in north India, and it will also investigate the succession of Islamic cultue and its blending with the Hindu / Indian cultue.

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