Departmental Bulletin Paper 体育・スポーツの教員・研究者公募における女性教員の積極的採用の状況

小林, 勝法

26 ( 1 )  , pp.33 - 45 , 2015-7 , 文教大学
 The purpose of this study was to investigate the condition of gender equality in recruiting college teachers of sport science and physical education. Promoting employment of woman researchers is in Japanese government’s "Gender equality master plan" and "Master plan of science and technology". Academic societies and universities have been executing these plans. School teacher statistical survey (The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) indicates the ratio of woman teachers has been increasing in colleges.  JREC-IN Portal is an informative portal site that contains a database of information on applicants searching for research jobs and job postings for research and education positions in industry, academia and the public sector. The ratio of job postings on JREC-IN Portal for sport science or physical education which is positive to employ women has been increasing after 2010. The ratio of these was under 3% before 2009 and has increased to 19% in 2014.

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