Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等教育機関におけるキャリア教育と制度設計

辻, 智佐子  ,  辻, 俊一  ,  渡辺, 昇一

2pp.15 - 40 , 2018-03 , 城西大学教職課程センター
本稿は、経済・社会状況の変化に呼応して始まった高等教育機関におけるキャリア教育とその成果検証についてとり上げ,制度設計の抱える問題点について検討した。そして,以下のことを議論した。(1)半数の若者が大学へ進学する現在においてキャリア選択の年齢が年々上昇しており,第二次世界大戦以前の複線型教育から以後の普通教育へと移行するなかで「教育と職業の接合面」が希薄化していったこと,(2)そのため,2005年頃から高等教育機関におけるキャリア教育の制度が本格的に整備され,インターンシップなどキャリア教育に係わる多くの活動が個 々の高等教育機関で遂行され普及していること,(3)こうした動きを受けて,キャリア教育制度に対する成果検証について公的に利用・分析できる統計や事例を整理した上で,キャリア教育の効果を十分に測れる方法は現時点ではあるとは言い難く,個人に即した評価・点検をおこなうためには政策連携・制度連携という視点から複合的に効果を測定し,情報公開する必要があること,である。This paper addressed the issue of career education, which was launched at Japanese universities in response to changes in social and economic situations. The paper identified the accomplishments of career education, and also examined the problems related to designing career education systems. The results obtained in this paper can be summarized as follows: (1) Recently, because the ratio of students who go on to university has reached approximately 50%, the average age at which students select their careers has been rising every year in Japan. Multi-tracked education before World War II shifted to a more general education after World War II. Under such circumstances, “the association between education and occupation” has become less important.(2) To cope with this, career education systems have been prepared at Japanese universities since around 2005, and many activities concerning career education- such as internships -have been positively pursued and diffused within each university.(3) It is difficult to say whether methods to sufficiently measure the effects of career education exist at present. To compositely evaluate and inspect the effects of career education suitable for each student from the perspective of connecting government policies with career education systems, statistics and examples that can be used to officially verify the accomplishments of career education systems must be prepared, and the obtained information must be disclosed.

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