Departmental Bulletin Paper TheTrade Relations between Japan and Visegrad Group Countries

Matusiak, Sylwia  ,  増山, 隆

36pp.41 - 52 , 2018-03-31 , 城西大学
This study examines the trade relations between Japan and Visegrad Group(V4,thereafter)countries between the years 1993-2016 in terms of its value and fundamental structure.The purpose of this study is, first, to determine what has been the scope of cooperation between Japan and V4 countries.The second purpose is to analyze how mutual trade relations have changed or not changed over the stated period.The third purpose is to foresee what factors will have further influences on the V4-Japan trade cooperation.Although political leaders from both parties have been emphasizing willingness to strengthen mutual economic relations, the progress in trade relations so far has been almost unnoticed. In figures, unlike Japanese exports to V4, Japanese imports from V4 quickly rebounded after the 2008 global financial crisis, and was on grow ing path until 2015.Since the trade structure remains unchanged, we can reasonably foresee that a further advanced trade structure such as an FTA will enhance the trade amounts in the future.

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