Journal Article Need for Hospital ward Pharmacists to Confirm Patient’s Own Medications

荒木, 淳一  ,  古屋, 香代子  ,  亀村, 大  ,  村田, 勇  ,  井上, 裕  ,  大嶋, 繁  ,  金本, 郁男

3 ( 2 )  , pp.1 - 5 , 2017-04 , Sci Forschen
Objective: The aim of this study was to devise a medication management scheme that would lead to improved patient adherence, the current study ascertained the state of patients’ own medications upon admission and it compared those medications. Methods: This study was conducted at IMS Fujimi General Hospital over a 1-month period from September to October 2015. The obtained information was compiled for each ward and compared among wards. There were 290 inpatients during the period studied with an average age of 70.4 years. Results: Of the 290 patients, 206 (71.0%) brought medications with them. Of the 206 patients who brought their own medications, 164 kept a medication diary. Patients brought an average of 6.7 medications with them, and those medications were prescribed by an average of 1.5 hospitals. The timing of dosing was most often “after breakfast,” followed by “after meals” and “after breakfast and dinner.” Checking patients’ own medications is crucial in validating their medical conditions and characteristics. Conclusion: A system should be created in which physicians coordinate with other medical personnel such as pharmacists to improve patient care.
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