Departmental Bulletin Paper 福井工業大学におけるコミュニケーション重視の英語教育の取り組み

Nyugaku, Naoya  ,  小山, 政史  ,  Koyama, Masashi  ,  リー, ブラッドフォード  ,  Lee, Bradford  ,  トムソン, サム  ,  Thomson, Sam

(47)  , pp.373 - 381 , 2017-07-12
In 2013 Fukui University of Technology launched the SPEC (the Special Program for English Communication) program, which focuses on improving students' communication skills in English. The main purpose of this program is to develop human resources who can be actively involved in international arenas after graduation. The first-and second-year students learn everyday conversations in English and the third-and fourth-year students learn business English or technical English depending on their interest. Besides the regular subjects, extracurricular studies and activities are provided for the students and they can immerse themselves in a favorable situation for English learning throughout their college life.

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