Research Paper A Comparison of Japanese Proverbs and British Proverbs Relating to Weather Prediction and Analysis of the Application of these Proverbs to “the Period for Integrated Study".

Akazawa, Takashi  ,  Arakawa, Yoshihiro  ,  Thomson, Sam  ,  Shinnichiro, Suzuki

(47)  , pp.355 - 360 , 2017-07-12
This paper undertakes a comparison of weather proverbs in Japan and Great Britain focusing on weather proverbs which have a scientifically applicable background. Proverbs relating specifically to animals were prevalent in both countries which allows for an interesting and contrasting view. These proverbs prove to show the depth of human interaction with nature and how distinct and distant cultures can come to the same conclusions based on observation of the facts. It is proposed that this study can be developed into useful teaching materials.

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