Research Paper 地域のスポーツイベントを活用したPBL型学習への取り組み

横谷, 智久  ,  Yokoya, Tomohisa  ,  野口, 雄慶  ,  Noguchi, Takanori  ,  吉村, 喜信  ,  Yoshimura, Yoshinobu  ,  加藤, 芳信  ,  Kato, Yoshinobu  ,  栗本, 宣和  ,  Kurimoto, Nobukazu  ,  野尻, 奈央子  ,  Nojiri, Naoko  ,  杉浦, 宏季  ,  Sugiura, Hiroki  ,  戎, 利光  ,  Ebisu, Toshimitsu

(47)  , pp.349 - 354 , 2017-07-12
This report summarizes the content of the initiatives in PBL (project-based learning) that the Sports and Health Science Department is working on. Specifically, seminars that utilize the PBL technique were conducted in the following four stages. First, as a form of preliminary instruction, a lecture explaining the PBL model was held. A student also presented a proposal to make improvements intended to invigorate regional sports events that could be selected as the PBL task for that seminar. Second, the students and teachers participated in the Awara Onsen Canoe Festival, which was held as a city-wide event in Awara to invigorate the area. Third, after participating in the event, the students were divided into small groups of six to seven people each, and they discussed the strengths of the event and the aspects that required improvement on the basis of three perspectives: (1) playing, (2) watching, and (3) supporting. Fourth, they operated under the hypothetical scenario that the students themselves would be in charge of the event the following year, and they accordingly simulated a plan for holding the event, presenting the content created in the simulation. In such PBL-style seminars, the members of the groups shared information in every step of the way and planned the division of roles among each of the individuals while pushing forward with learning. This had the effect of increasing the students' sense of responsibility and desire to learn.

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