Research Paper COC+事業における特色人材育成部門まちづくりWGの活動報告(その1)

吉村, 朋矩  ,  Yoshimura, Tomonori  ,  伊豆蔵, 庫喜  ,  Izukura, Kouki

(47)  , pp.343 - 348 , 2017-07-12
MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) is being conducted program for promoting regional revitalization by universities as centers of community (COC+ program) at present. The purpose of COC+ is to make a flow to the regional of "person" of core in regional revitalization. This program is supporting the distinctive university. It was also adopted by COC+ in Fukui prefecture. All 4th-year university in Fukui prefecture have been tackling COC+ program. Therefore, We'll make a report of its past activities in the community planning working group. Introduce about practical workshop worked especially in Takahama town, Fukui Prefecture.

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