Research Paper 福井県あわら市における空き家の利活用に関する研究

下川, 勇  ,  Shimokawa, Isamu  ,  下中, 雄一  ,  Shitanaka, Yu-ichi

(47)  , pp.331 - 342 , 2017-07-12
Currently, as awareness of population decrease in Japan is increasing, recognition of vacant house issues gradually increased, and we began to seek a path for measures. Since the increase of vacant houses will cause disaster problems, crime prevention problems and community problems the country and local governments have taken full-fledged measures against vacant houses. Generally, vacant houses are regarded as negative property. This research aims to convert this established interpretation "negative" to "positive". Therefore, in this paper, by discussing part of the results of collaborative research with Awaji city, we show six different ways of utilization, different from conventional vacant house countermeasures.

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