Research Paper 木の芽峠の御茶屋前川家住宅

吉田, 純一  ,  Yoshida, Junichi  ,  多米, 淑人  ,  Tame, Yoshihito

(47)  , pp.320 - 330 , 2017-07-12
This article is a report of the findings in a house of the Maegawas located on the Kinome mountain pass of Tsuruga-city. Hokurikudo way through along the Kinome mountain pass for a long time and this place was the doorway of the Echizen district. The household of Maegawas acted as the post called Otyayaban of the Fukui feudal clan and kept watching the passers of the Hokurikudo way. Maegawas house have the traditional room called Gyokuza where the Fukui feudal lord take a break. We clarified the following things through the investigation this house, 1) Maegawas house was built in the middle of the Edo era, 2) Maegawas house is the valuable historic house which exist in the descript of Fukui prefecture.

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